Guarantee Muskegon, MI

We guarantee our dentures for 2 years from date of delivery.

This guarantee covers breakage of denture teeth, acrylic, and metal clasps of partial dentures which is incurred during the “normal” use of a denture.

This does not cover damage from accidental abuse. Accidental abuse would include: dropping, stepping or sitting on, the dog chewed them up, and others. Also, loss is not covered.

I personally promise to do everything in my power to get you comfortable and happy with your denture(s). If I am unable to achieve this goal then no refund will be issued. This simply doesn’t happen and if it did, then it’s not for lack of trying.

This guarantee is not for ones happiness with their denture but is a guarantee of skilled workmanship and effort to do the best I can.

For “Immediate” Dentures

The “Immediate” technique of denture placement doesn’t allow for a trial preview of the denture teeth positioned in the patients mouth for approval prior to final fabrication.

We have great success with this technique. If a patient doesn’t like the look of an “Immediate” denture, then a new denture will be made (with the in mouth preview) 1 year after initial denture placement. This will be done at the cost of $100 less than the original denture. The patient will then have an emergency back-up denture (the original). Furthermore, the cost of the recommended reline or refit of the original denture, will be avoided.

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